The Power of Touch for Arousal

The Power of Touch for Arousal

Senses are the ultimate opening line when it comes to physical contact. Every sensation starts with one touch. But how effective the touches are?  There are people who are sensitive enough when it comes to touches. Some of them have different manifestation or interpretation about it. Hence, for others it has a power that made its role in utmost level which plays in sexuality. This called “sense of touch” that may affect people both positively and negatively.

Moreover, being touched by a sexual partner has its own way in promoting positive arousal. In some instance, this positive arousal becomes active when it is followed by intimate connection. This may have a crucial role in enhancing and developing love which open doors for great satisfaction in a relationship in which physical affection is a significant part. Some studies showed that touch can be used as a dominance display, which means a dominant person initiates touch than a submissive one. In addition, men really are into touches more than women do. Here are some reasons why power of touch for arousal.

Touch can be used as a sign of sexual interest.

A simple caressing at the back, light brushing of your hand on the face, or simply touching knees together are just a few cues for attraction. It also suggests that more touching is desired. It gives more sensual sensation to a person whenever touching occurs. The presence of responses towards the act of touching to one person can bring the stimuli active that triggers arousal, most especially common to couples. On the other hand, it might also have misinterpretation of the actions due to unintentional touching that triggers attraction.

Touch has its healing power.

One thing that the act of touching can never go down the line is that, it has its own magic that wears the laying of hands which is supposed to be the healing power of touch. We all know that touch has its soothing and effective sense that can heal the wounds emotionally and comfort the broken soul. Touch can lead to a positive state especially when someone is emotionally unstable.

Touch is stronger than verbal or emotional contact.

This sense is basically an outline to what concept of touching is supposed to be. Meaning, touching is more powerful than verbal and emotional context. Body language is precisely one thing that couple must know and part of this is the language of touching. There is no such thing owning your partner through touches. Therefore, touches might have an effect that your partner can be so possessive or the other way around. Learning the sensual part of touching can be your way to win their heart.

Touch of love is magical.

In this sense, touch has a powerful romantic value. It may elicit variety of emotional attitudes to your loved ones. It may refrain to different kinds of touches that commonly divert people to different human kind or attributes. Touch can make people happy, while some touches might break the person. It still depends to people who do the act of touching.

Still, the road to a woman’s heart is to touch her soul and feed her heart. Indeed, this kind of touch is more magical than the other way of satisfying hers.